What To Do With Your Engagement Photos | Top Fifteen Tips

Almost every couple getting engaged will have couples portraits taken. Many couples already know exactly what they have in mind for their beautiful photos, while others ask “What do we do with them?”

Here are my Top Fifteen Tips for What To Do With Your Engagement/Proposal Photos:

  1. Use your engagement/proposal photos for your save the date announcement.

This is probably the most widely used method for engagement photos. I adore it when my clients send me a copy of their save the date card!

save the date photo announcement
  1. Guest Sign-in Book

This is another popular use for your beautiful photos. Guests books are a beautiful way to display your photos and also have as a keepsake. Your guests will love signing around your beautiful photos and you get a gorgeous keepsake to display on your coffee table. See more photos here – Engagement Photos Guest Book

engagement sign in guest book
Critsey Rowe Photography
  1. Wedding Invitation Suite

This is such a cute idea and we love the examples our friends over at Three Little Birds shared with us. Follow them here for more inspiration: Instagram @3littlebirdsinc And website is threelittlebirdsinc.com

three little birds
Provided by Three Little Birds
  1. Table Numbers

This is a great way to use your beautiful photos. There are so many ways you can use your photos for table numbers. Here is just one of those…

engagement photo table numbers
Critsey Rowe Photography
  1. Thank You Cards

Thank you cards can be used for other events such as bridesmaids luncheon or gifts that are mailed before your wedding. After your wedding, you may want to use a wedding photo for your thank you card.

engagement thank you cards
Critsey Rowe Photography
  1. Wedding Website

Engagement photos on your website help give guests a visual of your romance. Plus they help dress up an otherwise informative site with a lot of text.

wedding website idea
  1. Photo Gifts

Photo prints make a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Believe it or not, they will love having professional photos to frame and place in their home.

photo prints for parents
Critsey Rowe Photography
  1. Holiday Cards

Engagement photos are not restricted to just wedding use. They can be used before and after your event for Holiday Cards since they showcase your smiling faces they are great to use all year round!

holiday cards engagement
Critsey Rowe Photography
  1. Photo Display 

So many cute options here to display at your rehearsal dinner and/or wedding reception. You could have a romance display table or print one larger portrait or several to place on easels around the room.

  1. Social Media

This is a fun way to let everyone that follows you know you are tying the knot. Throughout your planning process, you may want to post updates, and what better photos to go with those updates than your engagement photos!

what to do with you engagement photos
  1. Wall Portraits

Hang them in your home! Seeing your romantic portraits hanging on your wall will be such a treat. They will make the prettiest decor.

  1. Event cards

Event Cards are an easy fast way to share your online gallery with your friends and family. The Cards can be placed at the reception for guests to pick up or you can place them in your thank you cards.

wedding day event cards
Critsey Rowe Photography
  1. Party Favors

Such as wine bottles, gift boxes, note cards, and gift tags. So many ideas here!

photo wine labels
Critsey Rowe Photography
  1. Guest Sign In Board

Another beautiful keepsake you can hang in your home after your wedding to remind you of all the love and support from your friends and family. Guest sing in boards can be a matted print, a canvas gallery wrap, or a single wall print for people to sign their congratulations for you. 

  1. Wedding Rehearsal/Reception Slideshow

What a wonderful way to show all your guests your love story! You can include photos from growing up all the way through to your engagement photoshoot.