Charlotte Wedding Photos – Courtney + Travis

Courtney and Travis had an outside wedding at their families beloved home in Charlotte NC. They spent weeks preparing their families yard for the ceremony. The property sits beautifully on a community lake and was the perfect setting.

The thing happened that every brides dreads – the day of their wedding it rained all day. Courtney and Travis did not fret at all and had the time of their lives! When it came time to make the call to move everything under the tent or to stick with the original plan facing the lake, they decided a little rain would not ruin all their hard work. Everyone was game and it was super romantic, not to mention good luck!

All their friends and family had a wonderful time and some even took the opportunity to dance in the rain. Another fun part of the night was when the guests surprised the bride and groom with an epic flash mob! The bride and groom literally had no idea their friends and family had been secretly practicing a choreographed dance just for them. It was pretty amazing!

Here is a sneak peek of their photos…