Wow Factor Cakes = A Unique Amazing Event

We were invited to a intimate party at Wow Factor Cakes last week. I have to admit when I opened the neatly packaged black box to find blind folds and an invitation I was intrigued by the invitation as well as a little nervous…

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing event! Blind fold dinner and wine tasting was beyond my expectations and was just as awesome as I knew it would be with all the amazing talent involved in preparing the event. Wow Factor Cakes, Passion Eight Bistro, Olive Paper, Favor Me Events, Party Reflections, Carey Roberts Design, and Neets Sweets.

Please forgive my iPhone and point and shoot camera photos in advance! I was not the official photographer but you know me, always have to take photos!

To see official photos by the talented Rachel Fesko check out Wow Factor Cakes on Facebook.

I was nervous to receive a blind fold invitation but intrigued at the same time…

Me with some of the most amazing people in the industry. Unfortunately dinner started so I could not get a photo with everyone. I love my industry peeps!

And it begins…


(just so you know I really did have my blind fold on for the tasting…I positioned my camera before they plated the food so I knew where to aim…plus cropping after made a difference. ; )

Amy had a paint by numbers cake, such a cute idea! I was pleased with myself for staying within the lines. Above is Debra Hall with Olive Paper putting her creative touch in place.

The dessert drink – looks like a shot but it was a Belgian Raspberry beer. Yummy! The desserts were to say the least PHENOMENAL.

Good times!!