Winter Engagement Session + Hot Cocoa = oh so fun!

Sunny with a high of 47 degrees….brrrr! Hot cocoa with warm coats and laughter will always make the weather seem warmer and cheery. Brittany and Matt met three years ago while working at the same soccer club as coaches in Southwest Virginia and pretty much have been inseparable ever since. Well except for a short amount of time when they had to date long distance, it is a funny story and their families thought they had lost their minds for traveling back and forth pretty much nonstop. Brittany says “It was romantic and sweet, but simultaneously ridiculous and crazy. For example, there were several nights where he or I would leave after work at 9pm to drive 2.5 hours to the other person, only to leave by 5:30am the next morning. We both put an obscene amount of miles on our cars.”

Here is a peek of their super romantic engagement shoot…

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Matt what do you love most about Brittany?“I love that she is smart, funny, sexy, ambitious, strong, a good mother and amazing in all aspects of life. She can definitely can be a little goofy, I love it when we laugh and that we can have a good time in the company of just ourselves”.


Brittany what do you love about Matt? “I love that he is active, funny, ambitious, loves to travel, and, of course, devastatingly handsome (he is reading over my shoulder obviously, haha). I also love his sense of style and confidence. Another thing that I really love is how much of a dork/how goofy he can be sometimes…namely because I am just as much of a dork, so it works well. I also love that he quotes totally obscure lines from movies that no one else knows. And of course, now seeing him as a father over this last year has allowed me to see a whole different side of him- that of a protective, loving father to Addison. It’s really been a whole different level of love. I know our timeline may seem backwards to a lot of people, but I love it because it’s our story”.

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 And just one more snapshot so you can see how adorable their sweet little daughter Addison is…

NY | Charlotte Photographers Critsey Rowe