Creative Wedding Ring Shots + Critsey Rowe

Today I am sharing with you some awesome bling! I LOVE taking rings shots and I guess I am fairly known for doing so because so many of my clients mention how they can’t wait to see what their ring shots will be. Yep, I’m bragging. ; )

It makes my day when the first thing a bride says to me when I walk into the room where she is getting ready is “I have the rings do you want to take the photo now”?  It makes me giggle and excited that they are looking forward to seeing what kind of shot I will get for them of their wedding rings.  Here are just a few to check out. I have many more in my Facebook albums so be sure to check them out.

There are also several other posts on my blog for rings…just search rings or look under the ring shots category. : )

{Creative Wedding Ring Shots}



  1. I LOVE your ring shots, they are so fascinating….breathtaking!!

  2. Katherine, Starlight Registry

    How do you find the inspiration to not keep going back to one that already worked?! Love the rings nestled right in that creamy rose. Beautiful.

    • I love details and really love trying to do something different for each client. Yes, I have done a few of my faves more then once but my goal for 2012 is to do something completely unique for each client. Wish me luck!

  3. Katherine, Starlight Registry

    The best of luck! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. Sydney Diamond Jewellers

    These wedding ring shots are awesome. The beautiful settings have added to the beauty of the rings. I particularly liked the shots of the rings among the flowers. Thanks for sharing them.

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