Uptown Charlotte NC Engagement session Photos Hilary and David

In her words…

Hilary how did David propose?

“David and his family are big cruisers! The last cruise he was on he won
a free cruise, and decided to take me. After driving for two days and
a total of 12 hours we FINALLY made it to the cruise ship!!! Once we got
settled in and had explored the ship, we decided to go up on the top
deck to watch the ship push off from the dock and set sail.
Our ship was running very late, and we ended up waiting for over an
hour on deck to watch the ship embark…
….As we finally set sail and with excitement high, David turned to me
and said “So here we are, heading off on our first adventure together…”
I turned toward him in return with a huge exciting smile, and as I
did this he retrieved the ring from his pocket, held up in between us
and asked “How about we start a life long adventure together?”… He got down on
one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course you all know at
this point that I said “YES!”…
….And so thus began our life long journey.”

Here is a sneak peek of Hillary and David’s uptown Charlotte engagement session photos…

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