Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photos: Sara & Josh

Tell us all about the proposal! I want to hear every little detail.
After a few of his previous planning attempts didn’t work out. He proposed while on a trip to Napa Valley. We were touring a wine castle and on the trip we finally had a nice intimate moment to ourselves and he popped the question. I said yes and the rest is history.

Question for the GROOM: What things do you love the most about her?
Sense of humor, smart, dog mom, take care of our little family.

Question for the BRIDE: What things do you love the most about him?
Smart, hard-working, good friend, southern gentleman (he always opens my car door), active listener, loving.

Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photos

Sara and Josh wanted their engagement photos to be taken in uptown Charlotte for a more metropolitan vibe. We started at Romare Bearden Park, nestled in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, which is a dreamlike canvas for capturing the essence of love in engagement photos. Its lush, meticulously landscaped greenery and vibrant flower beds offer an enchanting natural backdrop, inviting couples to share their affection amid the park’s serene beauty. What makes it truly perfect is the juxtaposition of nature against the stunning urban skyline, crafting a unique and visually captivating scene.

Incorporating pets into engagement photo sessions, as Sara and Josh did with their beloved dogs Dexter and Akira, adds a heartwarming and authentic dimension to the captured moments. These furry companions bring a natural, unscripted charm to the photos, reflecting the genuine love and connection within the couple. Their presence not only adds a sense of playfulness and joy but also captures the essence of a shared life, emphasizing the unity and bond that will continue to grow with their evolving family. Dexter and Akira’s inclusion in the photos infuses a unique and heartwarming warmth that will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come.

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Our second location was The Green in Uptown Charlotte. It stands out as an exceptional location for engagement photos due to its captivating blend of urban sophistication and natural tranquility. This lush oasis offers a striking contrast that adds depth and character to engagement photos. The park’s well-tended lawns, meandering pathways, and inviting seating areas create a charming and romantic ambiance, perfect for capturing the genuine connection and love between Sara and Josh. The Green’s central location ensures convenience, and the interplay of natural light with the cityscape sets the stage for a mesmerizing photo session, resulting in images that exude timeless romance and a touch of cosmopolitan allure. We are smitten with this beautiful couple and their photos.

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