Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photos – Megan and Mohammad

Here is a sneak peek at Megan and Mohammad’s Uptown Charlotte Engagement photo session at Marshall Park.

Question for the bride: How did he propose?
“It was my birthday and we had a flight to catch to DC so I had no idea a proposal was going to happen. All I wanted for my birthday was to go to lunch and have the dumpling lady food truck. She is usually in the Romare Bearden Park (My all-time favorite park) on Fridays so we walked down to the park.

We get to the park and sit down and look for the dumpling lady and he gives me a birthday gift/distraction gift. I open it and love it then the dumpling lady herself comes behind us and hands me a tray of dumplings (in a heart) that says “Megan Marry Me” he gets down on his knee and pulls out the ring. He also had a photographer there to take pictures of the moment and then we took some extra photos when the shock wore off and I could breathe again!

That Saturday in DC we were with his family to visit for the weekend and we were planning to go out to dinner. This turned out to be a surprise engagement party where all my family had driven in from NY and flown in from Chicago to celebrate with us. We were in this private dining room with a handpicked 4-course meal picked by Mohammad. It was the most special weekend!” ~Megan

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