Style Tips for the Groom: Look Your Best

Style Tips for the Groom: Look Your Best

When it comes to weddings, you can count on several things: the atmosphere is exciting, the people are joyful, and everybody looks good. While we generally think of the bride when it comes to pre-ceremony preparations; her elegant veil, beautiful hair design, makeup applied in graceful fashion, we sometimes forget to include the groom in these thoughts! The ladies shouldn’t get to have all the fun, so we will focus on several tips the groom can keep in mind when it comes to gearing up to say, “I do!”

It Starts With the Skin

Maintaining a solid, steady routine of skin care can help a groom get ready for the barrage of photos he’ll surely face throughout the day, and will keep him looking good well into the night! You can start things out when you first wake up in the morning with a little exfoliation; this will help to remove dead skin cell and excess oils, as well as open your pores. When it comes time to shave, reach for a reliable razor and sulfate, paraben free shaving cream. A blade with greater surface area will help to give you a better shave, and chemical-free products will act kinder to your skin. Afterwards, hit your skin with a hydrating lotion (avoid fragrant alcohol-based products) to alleviate any dryness and leave your face free of shine. Following this process will have you glowing as you exchange vows with the one you love.

Hair Care

Whether you sport the short-and-tight look or full-on Jared Leto locks, proper hair care is crucial to look your best. If you wear your hair shorter, consider stopping by your barber two or three days before the ceremony; this way, you have a few days to figure out exact styling for that length. For gentlemen with longer hair, make sure to wash your hair regularly and condition. When it comes to styling, pomade, putty, or clay are your friends; find one that works for you and your look. Note that hold and shine vary greatly, with pomade offering high shine and low hold and clay with low shine and high hold. Tread lightly when dipping into your product – a little bit goes a long way. Face it, everybody hates having a bad hair, and we’d never want that on our wedding day! By sticking to a hair regimen, you can greatly reduce your odds of one.

The Finishing Touches

Now that your skin is crystal clear and your hair is looking stylish as ever, it’s time to get to the final odds and ends. Check your nails, do they need a trim? Be sure to brush your teeth, floss, and mouthwash to stay fresh! As you put on your tuxedo, make sure you’re not missing any belt loops (and hopefully not wearing the belt with suspenders!), buttons, and that your lapels are down flat. When you go to put on your favorite fragrance, spray it on dry skin (not clothes), the best spot is usually your neck. Always remember that when it comes to cologne, less is more, too much fragrance can be harsh! Last but not least, be sure to carry a tube of lip balm with you. Dry lips can be uncomfortable for you and your partner – you are going to be kissing, after all!

As you watch your partner walk down the aisle, you can feel confident that you look your best, and focus on the bigger item at hand! With a proper skin routine, hair regimen, and checking your appearance with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll be turning heads and feeling your greatest on wedding day.

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