Freedom Park Engagement Photos | Clara and Jon

Clara and Jon Wanted their engagement photos to be taken at Freedom Park because they wanted an outdoor natural feel to their portraits. Freedom Park is beautiful and has a rich history in Charlotte and is the perfect location for photos.

Questions for the bride and groom:

How did you meet? And how long have you dated?
While we had a lot of mutual friends in college and found ourselves at a few get-togethers we really didn’t get to know each other until fall break of 2015. Our friend, Max Hoffman, invited a group of friends to his beach house in North Myrtle Beach. The second night of the trip was our first real conversation together. While everyone on the trip stayed up late, we challenged ourselves to stay up to watch the sunrise at 7:17 AM! A romantic thought until we walked outside before sunset only to watch the sky lightening, covered in clouds blocking the sunrise. After that we talked and hung out until Jon finally asked Clara out on January 16th, written on the inside of a Domino’s Chocolate Lava Cake (highly recommended by Clara.) We’ve been dating for over 5 years. 6 years in January.

freedom park engagement photos

Tell us all about the proposal! We want to hear every little detail.
On the last day of our Arizona trip we enjoyed a scenic jeep tour in Sedona. While Clara was skeptical of such a convenient tour with beautiful views Jon was cool and didn’t let anything up. Clara decided to let her suspicions drop early in the trip when Jon made no effort to keep her from his suitcase or anywhere else where a shiny rock would be hidden. The tour guide drove them up to Merry-Go-Round Mountain providing some history and insight into the area. When they got to the top the tour guide let them explore. While taking in the beautiful views Jon admitted that he had misled me into believing we were on a jeep tour. Clara was confused for a moment considering they had just taken a tour of the area in a jeep. At that moment Jon proposed. Surprise and happiness led to the easiest “Yes!” for Clara. And yes, the “tour guide” was really a wedding photographer who just happened to own a jeep.

Freedom Park

Nestled in the heart of the Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina, Freedom Park is a picturesque urban oasis with a rich history, breathtaking scenery, and an enchanting atmosphere. This vibrant park, stretching across 98 acres, has become a favored location for countless couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their engagement portraits. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the park’s history, its many enchanting features, and why it has captured the hearts of so many soon-to-be-wed couples.

A Historical Gem

Freedom Park’s roots trace back to the early 20th century, making it an integral part of Charlotte’s history. Initially known as the Eastover Reservoir, the park was created as a water source for the city in the 1920s. The reservoir provided essential resources during times of drought and played a vital role in the city’s growth. Its historical significance adds an extra layer of charm for visitors and photographers, who appreciate the park’s historical relevance.

Picturesque Setting

What draws couples to Freedom Park like a magnet is its breathtaking natural beauty. The park boasts a stunning combination of open green spaces, peaceful ponds, and meandering walking trails, with a diverse array of plant life throughout the seasons. In spring, cherry blossoms create a breathtaking scene, while the fall paints the landscape in warm hues. With every season, Freedom Park presents a fresh canvas for engagement photographers to work their magic.

Freedom park engagement

Tranquil Water Features

The park’s centerpiece is a large, tranquil pond known as “Independence Pond.” With its serene waters, lush surroundings, and views of towering trees, this is a particularly sought-after location for engagement photo sessions. The pond is not only visually stunning but also symbolic, as it represents the unity of a couple as they embark on their journey together.

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A Photographer’s Dream

Engagement photographers love Freedom Park for its diverse photographic opportunities. The changing scenery throughout the year provides endless options for creating a visual narrative of love and connection. From the soft and delicate hues of spring to the rich and vibrant colors of autumn, every season offers a unique and captivating backdrop for engagement portraits.

Freedom park engagement
Freedom park engagement
Freedom park engagement

The Freedom to Express Love

Freedom Park lives up to its name by allowing couples the freedom to express their love in a setting that speaks to the heart. Its charm, historical significance, and natural beauty provide a backdrop that encapsulates the emotions and connection between engaged couples.

Freedom park engagement
Freedom park engagement

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