Charlotte Vendor Spotlight

Today’s Vendor Spotlight is on one of Charlotte’s premier Stationary and Invitation company’s – Three Little Birds Stationery & Gifts, Inc. (Three Little Birds).


Photo Courtesy of Three Little Birds Website
Photo Courtesy of Three Little Birds Website

Tell us about your company:
Three Little Birds is an award winning full service stationery store. We currently have the largest selection of paper in North Carolina and offer in-house printing for digital, thermography, foil printing, embossing letterpress and offset. Three Little Birds is known for their custom design, custom pocket shapes and various printing options; letterpress, thermography, engraving, foil stamping, digital and offset. We’re proud to be the only store in Charlotte to offer dedicated calligraphers and we’ll even handle all mailing for our customers.

What is one piece of advice that you like to give couples?
Start your stationery shopping early. We have more choices than any other vendor with whom you’ll meet so we want you to enjoy the process, not feel overwhelmed or rushed. We’ll let you know the appropriate time to order as well as educate you on the traditional etiquette, the current trends and even provide you with some helpful planning tips.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Our inspiration often comes from our customers. Our appointments are to learn about our customers first and to introduce them to stationery second. Other sources of inspiration are travel, history, fashion, photography, architecture, furnishings, floral and cake design.

What message would you like to get out there?
Stationery sets the tone and also allows you to make a large impact. It’s often the first glimpse of your wedding with the Save the Date or the Invitation. Yes, the invitation or program will be thrown away at the end of the event, but so will other aspects like flowers, food and drink. Just with those elements where you want only the best for the largest impact your budget can afford, you should want the same from your stationery. Allocate your budget appropriately to your taste and let us know the amount – our goal is to maximize the value, not spend every penny unnecessarily.

What keeps you passionate about weddings?
Everyone who works at our store has had the benefit of having personal examples of long lasting, healthy and beautiful love. We see the beginnings of this in our couples and examples of this in many of their parents and even some grandparents that visit with us. We understand the power and grace of love and the importance a wedding is in celebrating something so beautiful.

How would you describe your company’s style?
Three Little Birds is very laid back. We love to laugh and have an enjoyable time while creating beautiful works of art for our customers. With all of the traditional rules, stationery can be overwhelming, especially on your first visit – we create an atmosphere where our customers can relax and open up so we can learn about them, provide a little history and education and all have a great time.

Are you seeing any emerging trends in weddings for next year?
Laser cutting and foil stamping are becoming more prevalent. The craftsmanship involved in these techniques make them more expensive options, but the impact is like nothing else.

How far in advance should clients book your services?
We’re fortunate in that we can accommodate multiple weddings per weekend as all of our customers order and pick up at different times. We like to see customers 8-12 months before the wedding if they’re doing Save the Dates with us and 4-6 months before the wedding if they’re doing Invitations and Day of Stationery (programs, menus, place cards). We, however, can accommodate anyone’s schedule, including a bride who is getting married in just weeks since we print most things in-house.

What percentage of my budget should I allocate to stationery?
Many professional guides indicate 3-5%; we disagree as this does not allow for a great impact. We recommend 5-10%.

Why should I buy from you versus online?
The experiences are uniquely different. We offer opportunities to touch the paper and printing styles while we explain each. We offer so many custom options and we’re here to learn about you and give you the best value, not simply a beautiful design.

Outside of weddings what are your favorite things to do?
We love to experience new cultures and history through travel and cuisine. A visit from family, friend or past customer is also a welcomed treat!

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