Charlotte Engagement session = Erica and Bryan

Before every engagement session I ask my couples a few questions about themselves so I can get to know their style and personalities. Erica and Bryan are so much alike and are such a great couple. I loved how Bryan proposed to Erica and I wanted to share what she told me:

Me: How did he propose?

Erica: “In the evening of Jan. 1st 2012 (hours before my birthday), Bryan proposed at the “Chateau Elan Winery & Resort”.  He had me believe that we were going out for a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday. I had to dress up and put makeup on …as requested by Bryan. Once we sat down for dinner, reservations had been made and everyone on staff was aware of what was going to happen…..except for our waiter. Bryan as not acting himself.. so I decided to ask him if he was about to propose? He said No. As I excused myself from the table to use the ladies room, Bryan was able to speak with the waiter to fill him in on what was taking place. Once I returned to the table, our meals were served and when desert was to arrive.. we were escorted upstairs to a private balcony overlooking the vineyard. The balcony was covered in rose petals, candles, and a table for two. I became VERY emotional because a blanket was nicely folded on my chair for me to use (because I didn’t have a jacket). Once we sat down I began crying. I had never had anyone go all out for my “birthday” and found the blanket to be super thoughtful!! Once I was able to compose myself, Bryan proceeded to feed me desert. He stated that he had a surprise for me…that we were staying the night at the resort. Immediately I began sobbing!  He then proceeded to express his feeling for me  (while I was blowing my nose in the blanket) and  then began to inform me of one more surprise. Bryan got down on one knee, pulled out a box from his coat pocket, and asked if I would marry him. Of course… “YES”  followed by lots of crying!  Bryan corrected me on what hand the ring was supposed to go on (not the right but the left) and I’ve been wearing it ever since”.

I so love a good romance. Especially a real life one! Congratulations again Erica and Bryan. I can’t wait for your Charleston photo shoot!