charlotte churches for weddings + non-members = St. Mary’s Chapel

It can be tricky finding churches for weddings in Charlotte NC if you are not already a member. Some brides and grooms attend a church for years only to find out they cannot get married there because they actually are not members. So this leads to the search to find a church willing to let non members wed. There are many venues you can hold your ceremony and reception but if you have your heart set on a church this can be tricky.

Over the next few weeks I will feature a few photos from churches that provide ceremony services for  non-members. My first feature is the ever so adorable St. Mary’s Chapel.

This is truly a charming location and photographs beautifully. I have many clients ask if I think it is too dark inside because of the dark pews and dark wood inside, I do not think it is too dark at all. The dark wood adds to the charm. The grounds are also perfectly manicured and is a great spot for after ceremony photos.

St. Mary’s is nestled in the heart of Charlotte within walking distance of the center city.

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  1. I have a special place in my heart for St. Mary’s. Not only is it where I got married almost 5 years ago, it’s also where I shot my first wedding 2 years ago. So quaint – just perfect in my opinion!