Biltmore Estate Wedding and Reception Venue -Carly and Nick After Session

Here is a sneak peek of Carly and Nick’s after session at Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC.
But first here is how they got engaged told by Carly…

Tell us your engagement story. (give us every romantic detail)
It was a typical Wednesday evening where I had some clients at the house training and Nick was at work. He was getting off early that evening and told me that he had made reservations at Mickey and Mooch since that is a rare event for him. So, after my client left I quickly got ready to go to dinner. We had a wonderful dinner there, as always, and headed home. I had to work early in the morning so I came home and did my usual routine of getting ready for bed and curled up on the couch for a little t.v. time before bed. Nick, however, was in the kitchen rattling around and then came into the den with a cup of coffee (????) and him a cup of tea. Now, at this point I was slightly confused because it was close to 10:30 at night and coffee was not what I had in mind. Lol, but when he handed me my cup I noticed that I had never seen it before. I looked a little closer and on the outside of it, it said “Dear Carly, I Love You” 🙂 I thought that was just the sweetest gesture and such a cute gift, but really didn’t think anything else of it. I know now, looking back that I should have payed closer attention to the fact that he was staring at me while I was drinking the coffee, but in the moment I was really into whatever was on t.v. I was almost done with my “bedtime” drink and I took one last sip and noticed the word “Marry” on the bottom of the cup! I quickly took the tea he was drinking out of his hand and dumped what was left of my coffee into it to see “Marry Me?” at the bottom. I do remember that he tried to pull his tea away as I was ruining it, but I was determined. haha He got down on one knee and things were a little blurry then, but I do remember saying “Yes!” before even looking at the ring in his hand. It was such a personal way to propose and in a way, I always knew that when it happened that it would just be the two of us.

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