Patrick and Dottie Maloy Wedding Officiant and Director

I have been a wedding photographer for over 12 years and throughout my career in Charlotte I have worked many times with Patrick and Dottie Maloy.
First let me say I always knew when it was my turn to get married that I wanted Patrick to be my officiant. Not just because I already knew him but because he is an amazing person. When you are in an industry that works so closely together you develop not only friends but family. I am so blessed to have such an awesome extended family.

I know there are a lot of couples that are starting out and may not belong to a church or may not be getting married at their church and need an officiant for their wedding day. Whenever I refer Patrick I always know that the couples are going to love him and they will end up being a part of his extended family too.

Patrick Maloy is an ordained, non-denomination minister. Patrick has officiated more weddings then I could ever count. Including interfaith ceremonies. I have done several weddings with him that he officiated with a Rabbi. I know that is not a typical thing and I was very impressed by it.
Patrick’s sole focus is on weddings so he can devote his time and attention strictly to his wedding clients. He does not have a congregation, but he does have many followers in past clients who are now his extended family.

Dottie Maloy is a wedding director/planner. She is amazing! Recently she showed me what she carries in her not so little bag of tricks and I was beyond impressed. She truly has thought of everything. She will be able to solve any problem that might arise before, during or after your ceremony. From lost buttons to tipping candle sticks, upset tummy to stains on the dress. She has a little fix for everything. Dottie is available for rehearsal and wedding ceremony directing. She handles all the stuff that you truly need someone to be there for. So many brides do not realize that they need a director until the day of the wedding and then it is too late. Be sure to check into Dottie’s services.

Patrick and Dottie make a great team but they also work separately. They book quickly for prime dates so be sure to get them booked sooner then later.

One last thing I wanted to mention, Patrick and Dottie’s website is Calm Blue Water which reflects them to a T. When Patrick officiated mine and Thomas’ wedding he made me feel calm and relaxed. He is not stuffy and makes everything go so smoothly. In March it will be five years since I said I do but thankfully every weekend I get to live someone else’s I dos which is so romantic and I would not have it any other way!

Patrick and Dottie’s Website