Charlotte bridal boudoir Photographer

Are you looking for a beautiful but oh so sexy groom’s gift? I am a boudoir Photographer based in Charlotte NC offering bridal boudoir photo shoots for the perfect wedding gift!

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Bridal boudoir can be as tasteful as you want it to be or as fiery hot as you would like. Every bride is different and the shoot can be tailored to fit your level of modesty.

If you are still unsure of how a session will go let me tell you more…

When you arrive at your shoot we will start with having your H&MU styled by my fabulous H&MUA. She will do a in person consultation to find the look you want. While she is styling you I will do a wardrobe consultation with the lingerie you bring.

Throughout the getting ready process we will talk about all things including your comfort level. I must warn you 90% of my clients say they are super nervous but by the time we start to shoot they are pumped and ready to rock their shoot! I will make the entire process as easy and streamlined as possible.

I have a Beauty Guide I share with my clients upon booking. It is filled with tips and suggestions to make your shoot amazing. It includes tips on what to wear, how to prepare leading up to your shoot, what to pack for your shoot and even how to tell a little white lie so your groom doesn’t get suspicious about his gift. My Beauty Guide also has a full section just on Bridal Boudoir!

If you are ready to book or just want to explore more contact me via my contact form.