Wedding Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

Wedding Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

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We’ve all heard the sentiment “hindsight is 20/20,” meaning it’s easy to see what we could have done differently after a situation has already passed. It’s a reflection that we can use as a universal piece of advice for many circumstances, especially when it comes to wedding planning.

Think back to your wedding day and finish this sentence: “Had I known then what I know now, I would have….” This isn’t intended to make you look back at your big day with regrets; rather, it serves a purpose to gain a better understanding of useful insights that can be passed along to help others who are about to plan their wedding. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

All brides deserve the wedding of their dreams, but it’s crucial to have a realistic mindset when it comes to your wedding day. No one likes a bridezilla, so freaking out about insignificant details will only take away from soaking up every possible moment of bliss on one of the happiest days of your life. So, be real with yourself, and understand that not everything goes as planned. And if you’re still worried, think of ways you can prepare for minor mishaps.

A simple, yet useful way to stay prepared is to create a wedding day emergency kit. Your kit should have items like a stain remover pen, safety pins, double-sided fashion tape, and even a mini sewing kit because no matter how many alterations have been made to your dresses, you never know when a wardrobe malfunction is on the horizon. Clear nail polish can also serve as an excellent fix for runs in stockings. You should also be sure to include items like band-aids and tampons because even if you don’t need one, somebody else might! And above all, remember to pack pain relievers for headaches as well as any essential medications, like your birth control!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

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Some brides have felt the guilt of asking for too much from their bridesmaids. After all, it’s likely that your bridal party spent a decent amount of time and money on your wedding between throwing you a bridal shower, planning a bachelorette party, and buying their bridesmaids dresses. But these girls didn’t agree to stand by your side for nothing! Not to mention your maid of honor is meant to be your chief support system — she’s there to keep you calm, cool and collected.

Asking for help when necessary may diffuse any potential outbursts or conflict brought upon by wedding stress, but when asking for help, ask for it in a way that doesn’t take advantage of her generosity. Tell your MOH immediately if you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed and ask her help with handling tasks that you may not have time for while you’re getting ready, like answering your phone to communicate with guests, your florist, or your photographer.

Costs & Compromises

With Pinterest ideas galore, it’s far too easy to become hyper-focused on having the crème de la crème of weddings. In retrospect, there are millions of ways to cut costs without giving up the unique details of your big day that you want to include. For instance, a new hot commodity for weddings is a photo booth rental. However, photo booth rentals average around $1200 or more — not to mention they can take up a big chunk of space at your reception venue.

You can still keep this fun idea of providing your guests with instant photos to take home by replacing the photo booth with a Polaroid camera station. You can buy a Polaroid camera and film bundle pack for less than $200 but with enough film to keep your guests snapping pics all night! What many couples don’t realize is that that less can actually be more. Saving money in certain places means you can put more money toward a dream honeymoon or a new house.

Stay True to Yourself

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Family members and close friends may have the best of intentions and want to share in the excitement by having an active role in the wedding planning process. But remember, this is your big day, so don’t feel guilted into making decisions just to please others. Case in point, your parents’ idea of the perfect wedding venue might be entirely different from yours; they might prefer a traditional church wedding, but you and your partner have been dreaming of an outdoor vineyard ceremony. Show respect by hearing out their opinions and expressing appreciation for their input, but explain to them why a vineyard ceremony is important to you (perhaps you and your fiancé met on a wine tour or shared a bottle of wine on your first date).

It can be exceptionally beneficial to enlist the help of a wedding planner for choosing a venue. After gathering insight into your vision, budget and guest list, “a wedding planner will have enough information to create a list of possible venues for wedding couples complete with pictures, prices, venue information, and what is included with the venue,” according to certified wedding planner, Melissa Sinclair. Your parents might be more inclined to accept your dream venue when the information surrounding it comes from a trusted professional.

Above all, the best advice for your wedding is to focus on the true meaning of the day — coming together to celebrate your love!