Bridal Boudoir Tips – Charlotte Photography

Bridal Boudoir Tips – Charlotte Photography by Couture Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir is the most popular groom’s gift a bride can give. It is not only a great gift for your new husband but a wonderful way to capture your beauty to remember for a lifetime. Brides from around the world have been choosing boudoir as a gift for many years so it is not a new trend.

It is a way you can let your groom know you are giving him your heart, body and soul in wedding bliss.

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  • Be sure to pamper yourself before your shoot. Get your hair colored and trimmed, a manicure and pedicure. However, most photographers prefer you avoid the tanning bed.
  • Pick out lingerie and try everything on to ensure a perfect fit. Choose a variety of lingerie, including bra and panty sets, bralette, camisoles, garters, corsets and nightgowns. Some regular clothing works great too like a oversized sweater or a see through blouse. Do a mix of colors, not everything needs to be white.
  • Bring your veil, wedding jewelry, garter, wedding shoes and etc…
  • Extra tulle or a tulle shirt can make for some romantic bridal boudoir photos.
  • If it is in your budget have your florist make you a bouquet for your bridal boudoir photoshoot. It makes for a beautiful prop.
  • Don’t forget to pick up some thigh high stocking for your session. They are easily found online. Here are a few places to find them:
  1. Leg Avenue
  2. Bare Necessities 
  3. Hips and Curves Plus size
  4. Her Room
  • Did I mention heels? Heels are great for making your legs look longer and amazing. They won’t get used in all the poses but it is good to bring at least two pairs. Bring one pair of closed toe heels to wear with your thighhighs.
  • Bring something that belongs to your guy, one of his button down shirts, his favorite team jersey and/or his favorite shirt.
  • Put together a song list on your phone that makes you feel sexy to listen to during the session.
  • Be sure to eat a good meal before your shoot because you will seriously work it off with all the posing you will do.
  • Arrive a little early so you don’t feel rushed or stressed.
  • Relax. You got this!

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