Bridal Boudoir is not all Black and White – Charlotte NC Photography

Bridal Boudoir is not all Black and White – Charlotte NC Photography

Let’s talk more about Bridal Boudoir. Just because it is a wedding gift does not mean you have to only wear white or make the whole session about bridal. This is a great time to bring multiple outfits in different styles and colors.

Yes, of course bring your wedding lingerie, your bridal heels and jewelry but don’t forget to mix things up and bring some sexy outfits that will blow him away.

You can also bring things right out of your own closet such as a see through blouse, an oversized sweater, a thin t-shirt. And maybe a few things that belong to your guy – his favorite button down, his football jersey, his favorite T-shirt. Anything of his you think would make for a cool photo opt.

Once you book with me I will send you my Beauty Guide – it is filled with ideas on what to wear and how to prepare for your photo shoot. In the meantime check out my Boudoir Pinterest boards for lots of inspiration on lingerie and what to wear.


couture boudoir® bridal tasteful magazine style photography

My Bridal boudoir is tasteful magazine style photography. Looking for the perfect groom’s gift? Book your bridal boudoir session today. It is a gift he will never forget.

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